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Don't advertise until you've done everything else


Have you ever had a random phone call or email offering you the chance to advertise at a bargain price? Or thought you might need to pay money and advertise your business to give it a bit of a boost?

This article could save you a lot of money!

It's never a good idea to advertise just because you think you're getting a bargain. I'll come on to when to advertise later. But first, before you pay to advertise, make sure you've really taken advertise of all the free channels and opportunities first…

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Are you making these mistakes on social media?

Blog - mistakes on your social media

Social media is a funny thing. It’s free and easy to use. It can help you reach millions of potential customers. But when most people talk about it, they mention negatives!

Yes! it can be useful for business and marketing but…

It takes up so much time. It’s hard to know if it’s really working. It’s hard to come up with ideas. It’s hard to keep up. All of these things can be true. They’re also relatively easy to solve. Sometimes, the problem isn’t the one we think.

There are a few mistakes eve…

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TLDR - what it means for your business

Blog - TLDR

Have you noticed the letters TLDR or TL;DR on social media recently? If you haven't, now I've pointed it out you probably will. It's everywhere!

TLDR means Too Long - Don't Read.

It's an abbreviation used just before a quick summary of a longer post or article. The idea is that we're all so busy we like to find shortcuts. So the TLDR is for anyone in a hurry. Some people will read the full version, but only if they think it's worth it - the summary gives the rough gist, and can entice further …

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Let your visitors do your marketing for you

Visitors do your marketing for you

Have you tried letting your visitors do your marketing for you? 

The 'normal' ways to do this is through word of mouth recommendations. I'm suggesting going a step further with four different ways to encourage your visitors to help promote your business - without being pushy.

First of all, you can encourage word of mouth recommendations through social media, simply by suggesting people follow you or asking happy customers to post photos of their visit. 

The second way is to think about offeri…

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Dog friendly or pet free

Dog friendly

You've probably noticed one of the biggest trends that developed during lockdown and is likely to stay: a massive increased in dog ownership. Whether you love dogs or don't want them anywhere near you, this could be an opportunity for your business. 

Visitors are going crazy for dog friendly pubs, accommodation, and even places to take their dogs for entertainment. Don't stop reading if you really don't want to cater for dog-lovers. There's an opportunity for people who can offer pet-free servi…

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Right marketing, wrong time?

Right marketing wrong time

Good marketing is often said to be 'promoting the right product to the right people in the right place at the right price'. It is but there's another essential element most never think about.

Timing is everything

Try selling flip-flops in Winter. Or serving hot stew on a hot Summer's day. It just feels wrong. 

But... we don't always use that knowledge. 

We post on social media first thing in the morning because it suits us to make it part of our morning routine. Porridge and a quick facebook…

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Top tips for online booking sites

Guest blog Beyonk

This blog was written by Ross Williams at Beyonk

If you’re using an online booking system here are some tips to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from it. 

At Beyonk we try to ensure the businesses we work with get the most out of our systems. Here are some essentials you should be trying to get from your system and how it can help your business as a whole:

Set Up

It’s one thing having online booking available on your website, but don’t forget it needs to be visible. ‘Clicks kill’ …

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Single solution to many marketing problems

Simple solution

Do you ever feel like your potential guests and visitors are just 'not getting it'?

That maybe people just don't realise how good you are, that you have the most fantastic business?

Perhaps they keep asking the same questions over and over again, or miss the point on what you have to say? 

Or maybe you're sometimes downhearted because you know you're offering a brilliant service or experience and yet you just don't seem to be able to charge the prices you'd like, or attract the visitors you want? 

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Optimise your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

This is something you can quickly do to raise the profile of your business.

It's easier and quicker than you think so if you're been putting it off... do it now!

It's important. It's free. It's optimising your Google Business Profile - the new name for Google My Business. Don't worry about the 'optimise bit' - I'll explain. 

92% of search engine searches are on Google so it's incredibly powerful. You want your business to show up as high in the results pages as possible. You don't need any te…

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points

EV charging

Remember the days when B&Bs went from having ‘hot and cold running water in each room’ signs and then had to upgrade to full private bathrooms because the market demanded it? And then WIFI became the must-have? At some point this will happen with EV charging points… 

The following is intended to provide some links and points to consider. It does not constitute direct advice*.


  • Do you need to upgrade your electricity supply?
  • Have you told your insurance company you plan to…

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