Social media ideas for Spring

Social media ideas for Spring

It's the one thing everyone tells me they struggle with - ideas for social media posts.

What can you write about to keep people interested and engaged, and to encourage them to plan a visit to your business? 

Here are a few ideas

Before we get started: instead of just scanning through these ideas, I suggest you get a pen and paper (it works much better if you can actively scribble, not just think or type) and jot down related thoughts as you read each topic. Let the list below spark more ideas. You should be able to at least double this list of post suggestions...

1. New life: this is the season of green shoots, lambs, spring flowers. What signs of Spring have you spotted? What are your favourite Spring sights? Is there anything that you've particularly been looking forward to? 

2. Using all your senses: what are the smells, sounds, tastes you particularly associate with Spring? Can you talk about the first call of the curlew? Or the day you think it's warm enough to take off your woolly vest and hat? 

3. Sense of progress: this is the time of year when it feels like we're finally moving forward, perhaps after a bit of winter hibernation. What signs of progress can you mention, either in your business or round and about? 

4. Anything new? Are you going to launch anything new for Spring? Or maybe there are some new local businesses you've spotted, that you can talk about? Or perhaps some businesses that are about to re-open for the Spring season? 

5. Looking forward: what are you most looking forward to about Spring, or welcoming more customers? Can you ask your followers what they're most looking forward to? Remember, asking questions is a good way to increase engagement, which helps to build followers.

6. What improvements have you made over the Winter, that you're now ready to show off? It can be something small or large. It's also a good idea to show off before and after photos, or to ask followers for their choices and input so they know what they can look forward to. 

7. Spring is often associated with Spring cleaning. What do you do? Anything you're proud of? Any cleaning tips you can share? Any horrendous things you've finally tackled (don't forget the 'before' photo) so you can share some triumphs? 

8. Nature: anything nature-related you can talk to your followers about? Anything you've noticed? Anything you can explain? 

9. Events: what events large, small, quirky or impressive can you tell people about or use to stimulate a visit? 

10. Weather is usually quite changeable in Spring. Make a note to take and share photos of the good weather, the blues skies and rainbows. Perhaps you know some ways to predict good weather? Any fantastic sunrises and sunsets you can share? 

11. Any old sayings you know, perhaps where you can share the origin or story behind them? For example, 'Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out" means not to cast off your winter woollies too early. Or "Ash (leaves out) before oak, we're in for a soak. Oak before ash, we're in for a splash" - supposedly a natural prediction of very or quite wet weather in the coming months. 



Thank you it's given me some really good thought provoking ideas. 

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Thank you. Really helpful.

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