Be specific

be specific

Compare these sentences:

We're in a great location in RandomUnknownVillage, with lots to see and do. There's something for everyone.


You'll love our hidden location in RandomUnknownVillage, close to SomewhereFamous and AnotherWellknownPlacePeopleSearchForOnGoogle. It's ideal for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy two great pubs, x attraction or our recommended walks to x, y z.

Here's another:

I've had lots of experience and know about marketing


I've worked in tourism marketing for over 30 years and helped over 8000 businesses to be more successful.

And another:

Come and visit our lovely cosy cottage that's a home from home* 


Come and visit our lovely cosy cottage with squishy sofas, sumptuous rugs, deep bath and secluded garden.

And finally:

A lovely place to visit, the gateway** to TownA, CityB, NationalPark 


Visit LovelyTown where you can enjoy browsing in independent shops, choose from 10 great pubs with good food, or visit SpecificAttraction.

I think you already know my point?

Being specific is more interesting, more memorable, more reassuring, helps to differentiate one place from another. It's easier for someone to choose, makes it quicker for them to make a positive decision in your favour. 

Perhaps have a look at your website or social media and add a few more specific details so people can find you (they don't search for 'something for everyone' on Google), see what makes you good or different? 

so why pay good money and bother to travel?

** You've reminded me about those places you're a gateway to. I'll try to go there and use you as an inferior back-up option


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