Single solution to many marketing problems

Simple solution

Do you ever feel like your potential guests and visitors are just 'not getting it'?

That maybe people just don't realise how good you are, that you have the most fantastic business?

Perhaps they keep asking the same questions over and over again, or miss the point on what you have to say? 

Or maybe you're sometimes downhearted because you know you're offering a brilliant service or experience and yet you just don't seem to be able to charge the prices you'd like, or attract the visitors you want? 

Does any of this feel familiar? 

There could be a very simple solution to all these issues. 

You're not telling people. 

Yes, I know.

You've put information on your home page, on your social media. You've made an effort to put together a mailing list or write a blog. And people are still not 'getting it', or you're not getting the marketing traction you think your efforts deserve? 

The answer is still the same. 

One of the most common marketing mistakes I see is beautifully summed up by George Bernard Shaw: 

'The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.'

You feel you're repeating yourself and being 'bloomin' obvious but for some reason people aren't listening. 

First of all, ask yourself - are you being real clear and straight-forward about what you are trying to say? 

Don't just answer that in your head. Take a look at all your marketing. 

Have you really said, or written it, in every obvious place? 

Do your potential guests or visitors want to hear what you're saying? 

Have you seen things from their perspective? 

Are you boldly conveying the information or just mumbling - hiding the most essential points somewhere that isn't obvious? 

Have you decided on one clear, strong message, one clear selling point and are now finding every way possible to convey that - through images, headlines, text, social media posts, website, blogs, mailings, examples, information, inspiration? 

It might be worth taking a quick look at your marketing through the eyes of your most cynical friend.

I pretty much guarantee you'll find at least one place in your marketing you're not being as obvious as you think.

​I'm off to take a look at what I do. Every time I do, I find something that makes me cringe!


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