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A quick idea for a really good social media post

A - unintentionally good social media

I saw a genius social media post last week. I don't think the person posted it with any intention of generating as much response as they did. It didn't even promote their business very well - but it could be so easily adapted and used for yours. Quite a few of you have already seen it, and commented. 

So what made it so good?

First of all, they choose a topic that most Brits feel quite strongly about - a full cooked breakfast. They asked a question, a really simple question. 

Why are posts l…

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Get results with LinkedIn


Millionaire entrepreneur James Caan says he made his money by 'zigging' when everyone else was 'zagging'. I'd say LinkedIn is the social media equivalent of that strategy.

Since Microsoft made their investment, LinkedIn has gone from strength to strength yet a lot of tourism businesses don't use it. LinkedIn's main initial use was to help professionals make connections with each other. Now it's evolved to become a sort of facebook for professionals.

It's not the obvious place to go to, to look…

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