Do it again


What's the best thing you've ever done to promote your tourism business? 

What worked well? 

Or perhaps there's something small you did that was moderately successful? 

It could have been a social media post that got plenty of engagement. Or a blog post that's still driving traffic to your website? A photo that people have said they like? Or something you say to guests that seems to resonate? 

Whatever it is, don't just do it once. Repeat whatever works, again, again and again. 

We often assume that we need to constantly find new ideas or do new things to promote our businesses New is good. Consistency is also good. Not everyone sees every social media post. Some will have never seen your blog or that beautiful photo. 

Visitors need to see consistent messages, repeated at regular intervals. Consider how you could adapt and improve something you've done before. Perhaps you can use slightly different words or images to keep the messages fresh. 

Think back over your previous marketing. What will you repeat? It can help you save time, and reinforce key messages to visitors. While you're considering this, you might like to read this blog too. 

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Deb Leighton

Totally agree, you mentioned this technique years ago at a NYMT network event and it works. I quickly noticed that ‘food’ is a massive trigger and use photographs of dishes from our supper board menu quite regularly, it always triggers the biggest response. 

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