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TLDR - what it means for your business

Blog - TLDR

Have you noticed the letters TLDR or TL;DR on social media recently? If you haven't, now I've pointed it out you probably will. It's everywhere!

TLDR means Too Long - Don't Read.

It's an abbreviation used just before a quick summary of a longer post or article. The idea is that we're all so busy we like to find shortcuts. So the TLDR is for anyone in a hurry. Some people will read the full version, but only if they think it's worth it - the summary gives the rough gist, and can entice further …

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Top tips for online booking sites

Guest blog Beyonk

This blog was written by Ross Williams at Beyonk

If you’re using an online booking system here are some tips to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from it. 

At Beyonk we try to ensure the businesses we work with get the most out of our systems. Here are some essentials you should be trying to get from your system and how it can help your business as a whole:

Set Up

It’s one thing having online booking available on your website, but don’t forget it needs to be visible. ‘Clicks kill’ …

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