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Have you noticed the letters TLDR or TL;DR on social media recently? If you haven't, now I've pointed it out you probably will. It's everywhere!

TLDR means Too Long - Don't Read.

It's an abbreviation used just before a quick summary of a longer post or article. The idea is that we're all so busy we like to find shortcuts. So the TLDR is for anyone in a hurry. Some people will read the full version, but only if they think it's worth it - the summary gives the rough gist, and can entice further reading. Not everyone wants the TLDR, but it is a growing trend. 

If I was to create a TLDR for this article it would say: 

People want info fast. You need to sum up what they need to know. 

You still need to offer full information, preferably layered so it's not too overwhelming. Strong selling points are still important. It's still essential to explain what you offer. 

But for some people a one line summary might work better. If it's a good summary, they'll want to know more. A TDLR can be a good hook into more information and chances to persuade.

Which takes us back to one of the things I keep going on about - you need to have some very clear selling points, be specific, and differentiate your business from others as fast as possible. 

Now, more than ever, you need to make it really obvious that you have what others want. 


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