Have they forgotten all about you?

There's a really good restaurant near where I live. It's great value and serves excellent food. We don't go there very often. Partly because we forget about it, partly because there are other places, partly because we like to cook.

Every now and then when they have availability, the restaurant owner emails with a discount offer to pick up some last minute bookings. 

We almost always book. 

The discount is nice but it's good value anyway. The mailings are just a good reminder of how much we like the place. 

There's a really good bread stall at our Saturday market. It's run by someone who doesn't like early starts so they don't set up until about 11.00, by which time I've usually been shopping and gone home again. 

Some Saturdays I go for a coffee with a friend, usually around 11.00. On those days we meet by the bread stall. 

I always buy bread, even when I don't need it - it just looks too good to miss. 

I love to go to the theatre, yet I don't go very often. I only seem to hear about good things to see once they're sold out. 

There's one theatre I do go to fairly often - even though it's quite a distance from where I live.

I'm on their mailing list, and follow them on social media so I see their trailers.

There's a reason I'm telling you all this!
There's a common thread: reminders - by mail, social media and visual reminders. 
Each of the businesses I've described could easily assume I'm just not interested in them. 
They'd be wrong though - I am interested, but life gets in the way.
When the restaurant or theatre send me a mailing or post on social media they're marketing. Sometimes they might even feel they're being a bit 'pushy'. 
As a customer, do I think they're being pushy? 
No, I'm glad to get the reminders - prompts to have an enjoyable time. 
Have any of your visitors forgotten about you? 
It might be that they don't have the time, money or inclination to visit you. Or they might have simply forgotten. 
It might be worth reminding them?



Just sent out our news letter hat I've  been promising to do for 2 months and it's lovely to get messages back, just saying hi from guests and telling us their latest news. Plus it's nice to know they survived covid!!!

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Susan Briggs

Glad it's having a positive impact already - some of those interactions are bound to turn into bookings even if not immediately!

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