Promote your business using the 'information gap'


If I say that I can tell you '3 easy ways to increase your profits', what's your response? 

The cynical ones among you might think it's too good to be true, but most people are curious and want to know more. You might think that you pretty much know everything there is to running a successful tourism business, but a little part of your brain will still want to know more, just to double check. 

This is 'information gap curiosity': the idea that most humans want to find out more when they think there's a gap between what they know, and what they want to know. 

If I use a heading like 'x ways to....' you're more likely to read the article and find out more. 

You're human. And it's what humans do - we're basically nosy. 

So what does this have to do with your tourism business? 

It's a simple, easy way to grab attention on social media or in a blog, or as a heading on a website. 

Think of something you know about, that others would like to know. Write a brief article (or use images or a short video), with the right heading. 

For example: 

5 great walks near.... (your accommodation)

3 ways you'll feel better after... (visitors have stayed with you, learnt something with you)

10 great things to do when... 

'How to' information is another useful angle, or you might think about some other kind of insider-knowledge you've gained by running your business that you can share with others? 

It could be anything from how to fold a fitting sheet so it's not all creased and sits nicely in the cupboard (I still can't do this) or how/when to see xxx wildlife or shooting stars...


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