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The power of three

power of three

If you want people to remember something, put it in a list of three.

If you want to help someone make a choice, give three options.

If you want people to feel comfortable enough to book or visit you, use three things. 

(see what I did there?!)

Three is a powerful number - very useful in marketing

Our brains like to have choices, but not to feel overwhelmed. They also like to remember information in patterns and 3 is the smallest 'pattern' for brains to find.

We grow up thinking t…

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Pinterest predicts

Crystal ball

Do you know what your visitors will want in a couple of years' time? What their expectations will be? Have you got some ideas for how you might be able to adapt what you do to make your business more profitable? Or maybe just how to theme a room or create an activity to stimulate more demand? 

Tourism is full of trends. Over time it's possible to spot opportunities and to adapt products and services to appeal to changing markets. A little tweak to how you describe something could make a differe…

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Trendwatching: visitors will celebrate anything

Celebrate anything

Pre-Covid, celebrations were a major trend. There was a significant increase in visitors meeting up with friends and relatives for a celebration of some kind, often a big birthday or anniversary. Celebrations are a great market. They often take place outside the main season. One person invites others to come along, so you can attract new visitors, and people are generally in a good mood and ready to spend!

There's now even greater demand as people try to catch up on all the celebrations they mi…

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What you really mean when you say you don't have time to market your tourism business (and how to change it)

Time for marketing

People often tell me they're too busy to do any marketing. They just 'don't have time'. 

Is this really what they're saying?  Do we mean we don't have any time for any marketing or just certain aspects of it? Responding to bookings, sending emails, talking to visitors are all marketing activities but we don't always 'count' them because they're everyday business essentials.

For some people 'marketing' means anything that seems a bit more effortful - posting regularly on social media, writing b…

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Bob Marley and your marketing

Bob Marley

I'm not very musical but every now and then a song gets stuck in my head. For some reason I've got Bob Marley's words singing in my head: let's get together and feel all right. 

It really does feel like it's time for us all to work together. Tourism can be affected by so many different factors (Floods, Brexit, Coronavirus) which we can't control. We can however make everything feel better.

Community. Collaboration. Kindness. None of them cost anything, yet they have enormous power. Visitors lo…

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Three things you might need to read

Three things

When I heard the latest Covid announcements I instantly felt exhausted, with a sense of deja-vu. I doubt I'm alone. 

Moments later I happened to be looking through some old notes and blogs and three thoughts occurred to me. 


We've all had a tough time. Most of us have a long list of things we haven't done or things we've not done as well as we wanted. But if you're reading this, you're alive and you've got through a lot of tricky times. Most of us have a 'to do' list, but not a 'no…

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Small steps for a giant leap

small steps

There's a Japanese expression and approach that many Western business leaders have started to use: Kaizen*. I think it's also invaluable for small tourism business, especially those with tiny marketing budgets and no time.

The Kaizen approach is based on the idea that small continuous steps and tweaks build up to more substantial improvements over time.

Kaizen is good news for all of us for three reasons:

. Small steps are easier, especially when you don't have a lot of time;

. It costs practicall…

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The power of keeping things simple in your business


I don't think I remember a time when so many people were so exhausted. Almost everyone I meet or see on screen say they're just so tired, either because of stress, hard work or illness. I had a lot of messages when I wrote this blog about getting over difficult humps. There's clearly something in the air. 

I've been thinking about how we can somehow ease the strain and make life easier.

There's an answer: it's simple.

Or rather simplifying is the answer. 

I've started to simplify all kinds o…

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For those feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

overwhelmed or exhausted

Ever feel like you're wading through treacle? That no matter how upbeat and positive you are, there are always times when everything just feels like hard work. It's easy to become overwhelmed, exhausted and discouraged. Sometimes it feels like progress is painfully slow. 

Some one happened to mention the moon landing the other day, being very specific about the date when it happened. It sparked a thought that might help you too. 

On 19th July 1969 no-one had ever landed on the moon. It just se…

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