Dandelions in Singapore - and what they mean for your business

A- dandelions

There are a lot of dandelions in my garden. Some still in bloom, most now carrying the 'clocks' we used to blow as children to tell the time. Do children still do that or are digital devices just too enticing? 

Some people would see my dandelions and think I'm a very lazy gardener. Others might spot the bees in the nearby field and realise I'm thinking more about them than the state of my lawn...

Whatever your view, I think we can agree that in the UK most people see dandelions as plentiful wildflowers at best, weeds at worst. 

I doubt we'd create a dandelion-sculpture at our airport to evoke overseas holidays, or manage to sell many pots of dandelions on Ebay. 

But in Singapore, dandelions are viewed quite differently. They're an exotic species. Precious plants sold on Ebay and inspiring sculptures at Changi Airport.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this? 

It's simply another reminder to look at the things we take for granted through visitors' eyes.

It's worth listening to what they talk about, reading their comments in reviews, and thinking about the things they enjoy so you can tell others about them too.

Make sure you take some photos of the common place aspects that visitors love, so you can use them on your website and social media. 


Tim James

Great blog as always Susan.  You always give us great thoughts to consider.  I thought you'd like this video of my niece last month but it became too complicated to post a video so here's a screenshot!!!

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Kay Stevens

See our instagram feed April 2020.  A mellow yellow meadow....  Weeds or a Taxonomists delight? .... 250 species of Dandelion in the UK and people collect them.  Twitter feeds sharing photos .... etc. etc.  

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