The power of keeping things simple in your business


I don't think I remember a time when so many people were so exhausted. Almost everyone I meet or see on screen say they're just so tired, either because of stress, hard work or illness. I had a lot of messages when I wrote this blog about getting over difficult humps. There's clearly something in the air. 

I've been thinking about how we can somehow ease the strain and make life easier.

There's an answer: it's simple.

Or rather simplifying is the answer. 

I've started to simplify all kinds of things lately. There's plenty still to do, but I've already decided to make simplicity the theme for 2022. I've starting to write a 'don't-do list' in readiness... Could you do the same? 

I know that I do everything better when I focus on fewer things. i feel less tired when my home isn't full of clutter. I get dressed quicker after I've culled those 'one day' outfits from my wardrobe. I have more energy for clients when I hit the 'delete' button on the sales emails in my inbox. I think more clearly when I only do one thing at a time. You get the picture.

it's worth thinking about simplicity from a marketing perspective too. Being clear about what you offer and do makes it easier for visitors to choose you, and easier for you to stand out from the competition. Consistency is another form of simplicity. 

Someone who says 'in a great location, with great service' makes life difficult for their potential visitors. It makes them work too hard to make a choice, and decide in favour of that business. 

Where's the location? What's good about it? How might it benefit their clients? What does great service entail? Is that different from the neighbouring business in any way? What's the most special thing about that business? 

I love this old sign: 

You could take this further and focus on just one of these elements to really stand out from the competition and be known for something. 

It doesn't have to be one of these things: your simple 'stand out thing' could be: 

  • something to do with your building or location e.g. a garden with bright blooms all year round, or amusing topiary
  • something to do with how you do business e.g. more accessible, more sustainable, more friendly, more flexible (really early breakfasts for those who want to see the sunrise)
  • something to do with your prices - lower, better value or more upmarket? 
  • something to do with what people can do, experience or learn with you, or maybe taste or enjoy? 

Some questions for you: 

What might you stop doing? 

What could you focus on? 

How can you simplify what you do? 

It can be hard to dare to simplify something and difficult to get started. But I promise you, once you do you'll start to feel better and notice so many other things you can simplify and make easier too. 

I'm off to write some 'sorry, no I can't' emails. Or I could simplify even further. Someone once told me 'No' is a complete sentence!


Glenda Calvert

Don’t forget Susan “you’re SIMPLY the best …… better than all the rest …… “

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Susan Briggs

Bless you Glenda! It's a good job I'm not singing that - even my own mother tells me to stop!

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Sandra Spashett Spashett

Ha! This is great! Love it! Many thanks for writing this down, Susan--and the 'old sign'--well, I've printed this off to keep reminding me.  :-)

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