What's your talk trigger?

A - talk trigger

Would you like visitors to recommend your business? To write positive reviews about it? To really spread the word about what you do? 

If you do a good job, there's a strong chance people will tell others. They may even do so on social media, potentially informing hundreds or even thousands more people. 

But there's only a chance they'll do that. it's likely, but not guaranteed. 

What if you could increase the chance? To make it more likely that people will remember you and actively want to tell others? 

You can, if you use a 'talk trigger'.

Most word of mouth recommendations happen because of a good experience. If you can make the experience even more memorable, people will talk about you. A talk trigger increases the chances, because it's a deliberate act, designed specifically to trigger a conversation or social media post because it's so good. 

A talk trigger could be anything, so long as it's memorable and connected with your business. The more memorable or distinctive, the better. 

It's anything that sets your business apart from others. It can be tangible or something people experience, or even something as simple as a great view. But it needs to stand out. Some businesses offer something on arrival, or when people leave. Others create an outstanding service, with a particular 'wow' moment.

I'll always remember the B&B that gave us a small card with five great tips for short walks to some fantastic views and picnic spots that we might not otherwise have found.

I've told lots of people about the amazing meal I enjoyed after fossil-hunting, in a shack on a hidden Yorkshire beach (thanks Real Staithes!). 

The memory of a hotel breakfast where they served eight different types of delicious breads sticks in my mind. 

I loved the riding stables that took us on a dawn trek and offered a sip of sloe gin. 

A talk trigger really can be anything: it just needs to add to the service you offer and to make people talk. 

If you don't yet have a talk trigger, the best way to come up with something is to think about every aspect of your business guests experience from the initial contact with you, to the time they arrive, spend time with you and think through the welcome, each element of your service, through to the moment you say good bye. 

Once you've decided on a talk trigger...

it's often interesting how just deciding on a talk trigger helps you focus on how to encourage people to talk about it. 

Once you've developed an idea, you'll find it easier to encourage people to leave a review or tell others. Or the talk trigger will act as a conversation point with visitors so you get a chance to say how much you appreciate reviews. You could also allude to something connected to your talk trigger in your marketing - while still keeping back a pleasant surprise. 

What could you do to offer a talk trigger? I'd be interested to hear what you decide or what you might already be offering!


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