Some ideas in case you're struggling


I’ve recently heard from numerous business owners who have said they’re struggling at the moment. Some are disheartened by their lack of bookings and visitors, other exhausted by the extra effort that seems necessary to generate income and uncertainty caused by last minute bookings.

If you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone.

I am running a free marketing workshop (on Zoom so you don’t have to go anywhere and there’s a replay available) to outline what you can do right now - details here. You’re welcome to join the session even if you’re doing OK and are just curious to know what I say!

You can also book a one-one session with me, when we can talk through your marketing and look at what you can quickly and cheaply do to improve it. These sessions last an hour and take place online. Most people are surprised at how much we can cover in that time, and how motivated it makes them feel. It costs just £60+VAT for an hour’s session, taking advantage of of my 35+ years’ experience… At the end of the session I’ll also send you a few bullet point reminders. Email if you’d like to know more about what one of these Power Hours can do for you.

Some useful marketing tips for you to use right now

Quick marketing boosts for uncertain times

Why aren’t they visiting? What can you do?

Don’t start in the middle

Have they forgotten all about you?

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Useful articles with some mindset and motivation tips

Tips to help you focus and get things done

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