Quick marketing boosts when visitors are uncertain

quick boosts

I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had with people who wondering if the weather will ever get any better, and tourism business owners who say that bookings seem slower than usual. The two are definitely connected! You can’t change the weather but there are two easy things you you can do about it.

The first easy thing…

The world is in turmoil - war, climate change and economic certainty. It’s natural for people to be reticent about planning day trips and booking breaks. But many do have money in their pockets and they want something to look forward to. They are wary but willing…

So it’s down to us to give hope and offer some positivity. That sounds like a lofty ideal, but it’s essentially what tourism marketing is all about.

We have to post photos of the small, optimistic signs of spring. You might use last year’s bluebell photos to tempt visitors to plan a trip soon. Or show a screen shot of a good weather forecast in a few days. A photo of a cosy indoor venue, with smiley faces can encourage families to plan a meet-up.

Talk about the things you love at this time of year. Show the events that will take place in your area over the coming months.

Write about the good things.

You need to sound confident and optimistic to encourage visitors to feel the same. Positive posts on social media, a section on your website about why it’s worth visiting during each month can all help.

The second easy thing…

Consider what your potential visitors need in order to make a decision to visit. What’s in their mind? What’s in the way? What might they still need to know about?

Once you’ve thought about that, give them the information they need.


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