Who needs a treat?

Who needs a treat

This morning I popped into a local shop. They sell gifts and sweets. The owner greeted me heartily. When we spoke, it was clear he wasn't just in a good mood - he was feeling euphoric. Their takings for May were up 35% on May last year. 35%!

Is he a genius? No. Is he doing something unusual? No. 

All he's doing is responding to comments so many of his customers make:

'I need a treat' or 'I want to get a treat for...'. 

Many people are struggling financially at the moment. Many have to make extremely difficult financial choices. 

But some people are still relatively well-off. Some are tightening their belts but they're following an age-old trend - still spending on certain items that make them or their loved ones happy. 

During economic downturns, two products still sell well. Lipstick and chocolate. People might limit certain activities but they still want to feel good, look good and enjoy small treats. 

So, if you need to attract more businesses right now, what sort of treat do you offer? How can you position and promote what you offer as a treat? 

It's useful if you can suggest that visitors will gain something as a result: that they will feel better, look better, have something to tell others about. 


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