That thing you say you can't do

Thing can't do

What are you rubbish at? What's the thing you say you can't do? 

We've all got something, or in my case - many things.

I'm rubbish at recognising music, even when it's something I enjoy. 

I'm rubbish at sitting down to start to write a long report. I'm fine when I'm ten minutes into the job but that first minute or two...

I'm rubbish at anything to do with cars. I once had a new car that a client noticed and commented on. I knew I was supposed to respond in some way but all I could say was 'It's red'.

Some of the things we're rubbish at don't matter but some really do. 

I recently read an article by Mark Manson in which he said,

'Think of one of the limitations you’ve bought into about yourself.

Now ask yourself, “What if it’s incorrect? What would that mean for my life?” If possible, act this week as though that limitation is wrong. See how it feels.'

It's such a simple idea. I tried it. And it really works. 

The birds around my home have been singing particularly enthusiastically lately. I heard myself say to a friend, 'I can recognise the birds when I see them, but I'm rubbish at recognising which are singing'.

Remembering the article, I downloaded the free Merlin app (it's brilliant). Within half an hour I could distinguish between several birds, and now I get an extra little spark of joy every time I hear them. 

That spurred me on to try something else that I've always said I'm rubbish at. I'll show you the results soon...

So what are you rubbish at? Or rather, what do you say/believe you're rubbish at. When will you give yourself a few minutes to try doing that thing?  

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