Marketing even when you're busy

Marketing when busy

You may be too busy with guests to do any marketing now, but it’s a great time to lay some simple foundations for the future.

Here are five things it’s worth doing to help promote your business, especially when busy.

1. Don’t forget to ask for reviews or testimonials. Write down any lovely things people say, and keep them someone safe to use in your marketing later.

2. Make a note of all the questions people ask, before and during visits. What do people not know, that you’d expect them to know? What information is missing? You’ll be able to use these notes later to create a Frequently Asked Questions page, to supplement your website and as ideas for social media posts.

3. What kind of extra requests do you get during the main season? What do visitors ask about other places nearby. Does this give you any ideas for other services you could offer in the future, or any possible local collaborations?

4. I often suggest developing a ‘pen portrait’ of your ideal visitors, or finding out a little more about your visitors so you can target them more effectively in the future. Now’s a good time to do this

5. Ask people to join your mailing list (even if you don't yet do any mailings). Use every opportunity, whether it’s asking for email addresses when you meet some-one or on a poster on the back of loo doors. More on how to create effective mailings and build your list later...(email if you'd like to be on the wait-list for a forthcoming workshop about this)


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