What's the downside to your business?


I'd like to suggest something that is going to sound a bit bonkers. 

Trust me, it really can help you market your business more effectively.

Tell people about something that's bad about your business. 

Yes really. Declare a downside or a disadvantage. Don't hide it. Tell people about it. 

it doesn't have to be anything earth-shattering or something that will really put people off. Just something you're aware of. Perhaps an aspect that some people find a bit odd or off-putting. Or something that can irritate some people - and maybe you don't want those people? 

An example: 

Enjoy the idyllic riverside setting of our holiday cottage. It's hidden away so you'll really feel like you're escaping the world. But first you have to venture down the long pot-holed track. Once you've arrived, you'll be able to sit in the garden and just relax. 

Anyone with a particularly smart car might read that and not want to come to our holiday cottage.

Some people won't like the idea that we haven't spent a fortune on tarmac. But others will focus on the rest of that description and see it as a minor inconvenience. Some may even be slightly intrigued and then surprised it's not as bad as they expect. Some may see the pot-holed track as evidence that our holiday cottage is a true hideaway. It could even clinch some bookings. It will put off some of the people who don't really 'get' what we offer. 

Why you should declare a downside

First of all, it's honest. It's a good way to manage expectations and get better reviews. If I don't tell people about the pot-holed track, some will moan when they get here. 

It helps position your business and attract people who really understand and want what you do. Many downsides are a disadvantage to some and advantage to others. e.g 'the wifi is patchy so you might have to talk to each other, do a jigsaw or play one of the many games you'll find in the cottage'. You don't need to offer something for everyone. You just need to appeal to the people who'll like what you offer. 

You'll also feel better because you've been upfront about what you offer and aren't on tenterhooks waiting for the complaints. 

If you include a downside, visitors are more likely to believe the rest of what you say. They'll feel reassured by your honesty. 

So what's your downside? How can you explain it so it's also quite attractive? 


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