Why you need to use all your senses to promote your business


Can you quickly answer these questions?

I’ll explain why in a moment.

What can you smell right now?

If you tasted the most local (to your business) food you could find what would it be? 

Is there anything you can see close to your business that many visitors don’t have near where they live. Or is there a small detail that visitors often overlook? 

What sounds of nature can you hear? Perhaps they change through out the year? 

If you were to walk blind-folded in the area close to your business, what textures might you feel, either by your finger tips or under foot? 

I suggested this for two reasons

It’s a good way to uncover the 'sense of place' of an area or destination. I'll write more on this in a blog soon. It's an excellent way to help your business and area to stand out among the competition. 

The second reason is that it’s one of the most effective ways in which you can inspire visitors. You're asking visitors to commit to travelling and spending money, without having experienced something in advance. They need to be sure it's right for them. That can be difficult when your visitors don't really know your business or area. Simply saying 'it's lovely' isn't very convincing. But when you start to write about your business (on your website, social media or mailings), using your senses, you bring it alive and help potential visitors to actually imagine being there. It's powerful and memorable. 



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