Trends you can use in your marketing

Take advantage of trends

I've been considering some current trends and what visitors are looking for at the moment. Can you use one of these to either develop an aspect of your business, or use as a different promotional angle to appeal to specific markets? 

Slow... slower: a strong interest in slowing down, pausing to enjoy the moment or to simply spend a longer time relaxing and being 'off-line', 'away from it all' and escaping a busy world

Silence: building on the slower trend - a chance to just enjoy silence, or natural sounds such as bird-song. 

Star-gazing: we already know how popular this one is!

Sleep retreats: opportunities to stay in quiet places, places with a choice of pillows, or where a really good rest is guaranteed

Wellness: an awful word but a growing trend - there's apparently been a 21% increase in demand for 'wellness tourism' over the last two years

Home swapping: if you offer accommodation, then you won't be able to use this trend but there's an underlying message you can use. People tend to swap homes because it's economical but also because they want to experience something different to their own everyday. 

Cool-cationing: yes, another horrible new word. Essentially, visitors are looking for something different, something that stands out, or something really photogenic. Perhaps there's an aspect of your business that does this? 

Skip-gen travel: grandparents taking their grandchildren on holiday (skipping a generation)

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Tracy Beecroft

Some very good advice, useful wording which can be quickly added to my facebook posts. Thank you Susan for these new ideas and wording.   

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