The power of three

power of three

If you want people to remember something, put it in a list of three.

If you want to help someone make a choice, give three options.

If you want people to feel comfortable enough to book or visit you, use three things. 

(see what I did there?!)

Three is a powerful number - very useful in marketing

Our brains like to have choices, but not to feel overwhelmed. They also like to remember information in patterns and 3 is the smallest 'pattern' for brains to find.

We grow up thinking the number three is important. Remember the stories of the Three Little Pigs, Three Wise Men, Goldilocks and the Three Bears? And what about 'third time lucky', the Holy Trinity, and three word/phrase instructions? We learnt to cross the road by remembering 'Stop, Look, Listen' or "Look left, look right, Look left again'. 

We're attuned to noticing and remembering groups of three so it makes sense to use this in your marketing. 

More isn't always better

When promoting something it's tempting to create a long list of the reasons why your business is good, or to create lots of options for visitors. But the longer the list, the more confusing. And the more likely people are to put off making a decision.

Three feels much more manageable. 

It's more powerful to talk about your three favourite walks, the three most popular breakfast options, the three pricing options (almost everyone chooses the middle one!). 

Three quick tips to improve your marketing

1. Remember that before buying anything people have to move through three stages: know about your business, like what you do, trust that you do it well and are reliable. It's worth reviewing your promotional activities to make sure you consider these stages. 

2. Make it easier to choose you: what are the top three things you offer, or benefits of choosing you? 

3. If you offer many different options, consider how you can simplify them or group into sets of three or use three themes? 


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