Save time - become a dictator


Do you find that some of your best ideas strike when you're not at your desk?

Or that when you sit looking at a blank page, it's harder to start writing? 

And are you short of time? 

The answer is simple, thanks to easy-to-use technology. 

Become a dictator.

Not in the all-powerful sense,  but by dictating messages. 

It's now so easy to do, whether you use Word, emails, notes on your phone or any other channel.

Years ago, I had a back problem and couldn't type, especially as I had an urgent book deadline. I bought some voice recognition software which was really expensive and before you could even use it, you had to spend at least a day repeatedly reading out phrases from their set-up instructions to 'train' the software to recognise your accent. It just couldn't get the hang off Yorkshire so I had to enunciate clearly and slowly like I was in My Fair Lady. It still didn't work.

Now you just open whatever tool you want to use (I use Notes on my phone a lot), look for the microphone icon, and off you go. It's remarkable how well the software recognises voices and converts voice into written words. If you're not sure how to get started just google 'How to dictate using xxx'. 

If you use Word, open a new document, then look for Edit on the top menu bar, then 'Start word dictation'. It's that simple. 

I find it's much easier to dictate a few notes for a blog like this when I'm walking the dog, then I either upload from my phone to my laptop or send the dictated notes as an email. Of course I need to edit them but it's quick to do. Or when I need to write a longer piece, it's somehow easier to edit something I've dictated in word so I don't just stare at a blank screen.

The software is getting better and better. Amazing considering it's totally free! It now senses when to put in a full stop or capital letter, and edits out most of the ums and ers.

Have you tried this? Does it work for you? 

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Jo Lee

Perfect! Thank you, I can definitely make this work for me and be hands free! 

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