Two quick tweaks for more impactful photography

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Ready for two very quick tweaks that can drastically improve the impact of images on your website and social media? 

They're both really easy. 

First of all - crop. 

Yes, it's that's simple. When you're about to use an image, consider whether it would be stronger if you chopped off a bit. Maybe there's a distracting double yellow line? A bin, some clutter? Or you need to focus on a particular part of the photo? My father was a photographer and constantly tried to educate me. I'm still not a good photography but the one trick I definitely learnt from him was that a quick crop can often significantly improve an image and make it much more impactful. Worth a try? 

Second tip - when you take photos, take a landscape and portrait version so you can use them more flexibly. I forgot to do this with a video the other day and had to use a portrait version, when the landscape version would have looked so much better.

Some social media channels work much better with certain image sizes or shape. For the latest advice on this, I find this guide really handy

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Sandra Spashett

Really great tips.

Much appreciated 

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