Quick easy refresh for websites and social media


Want to give your website and social media a quick boost? Need to build engagement on social media and improve search engine rankings?

You could spend a lot of time and money doing all this, but there is one simple action that you can do right now to start to make a difference. Update your photos and basic profile descriptions.

It’s such a small action but has several benefits:

One of the factors that determines your search engine rankings for websites and how many followers your social media posts are actually shown your posts relates to updating. Put simply, the algorithms want to see that you’re committed to your website and social media, that you care about them enough to keep updating them.

Visitors want to feel confident they’re choosing the right places so they obviously like to see current photos. It makes sense to keep your profiles and website looking fresh.

Adding some updated profile photos or editing your descriptions can help with this. Chances are that you wrote your profiles or basic descriptions some time ago so they’re probably due an overhaul anyway?

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Deb Leighton

I have just done this last week Susan…..and guess what, you are right yet again…….more followers , enquiries and bookings. 👍

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