One quick question and change

Quick question and change

Every business has one. 

A question they're asked, again and again. 

'Are you suitable for children?' 'Do you accept dogs?', 'Where are you?'... or something equally simple. 

Or there's something that visitors get wrong, again and again. It could be something like not realising you're close to/or a long way from a place, or not realising how much there is to do. Or maybe your visitors often regret not booking in advance for a great local attraction or restaurant? 

Whatever it is, it can be frustrating because you feel like you have to keep repeating yourself. 

But it's also useful.

However frequently you're asked, there are probably plenty of people who don't ask and therefore don't visit. 

You probably think you've been really clear. Could you be even clearer? 

Here's a quick challenge for you: make some tweaks to your marketing by answering the question or addressing the misconception more overtly, more often. 

Is there something you can add to your home page? 

Can you use a photo or video to answer the question? 

How often do you post about it on social media? Could you do it in different ways, three times as often? 

Can you change the way you answer the question? 

Could you perhaps even make a feature out of it? 


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