Improve reviews, get more recommendations and save time

Improve reviews save time

If you're ever been on one of my marketing workshops, you've probably heard me talking about certain topics again and again. Some might even say I nag...

Here are some points I keep making - they probably sound familiar? I go on about them because they're key to the success of your business. 

Visitors need to be inspired, given information about your surroundings, other local businesses and multiple reasons to visit. They love to get 'insiders' tips' and if you do this right, they'll share your stories with their friends and family. 

Visitors love 'live like a local' style information. You're almost certainly not giving them enough. 

Visitors want to look forward to their visits, they enjoy the sense of anticipation building. Your job is to help that happen.

Visitors love to look back on a great trip and tell their friends all about it. You can make that more likely with 'talk triggers'. 

Reviews are an essential part of building credibility and reassuring potential visitors. Do anything you can to enhance your reviews in number and quality. 

So, in theory you want to provide additional and inspiring local area information. You can do that in several ways - on your website, in person, and in response to questions from potential guests. But it can be time-consuming. Some of you perhaps have information folders in your accommodation. 

There's an easier way to offer your guests information and inspiration, that can save you time and enhance your guest reviews: with Touch Stay 

I've watched Touch Stay's development over the last few months, and seen it's effect on businesses, and definitely recommend them. Businesses who already use Touch Stay comment on the way it makes them look more professional and how much time they save. 

Touch-Stay-LogoSo what is it? They describe it as a 'digital welcome guide'. I'd suggest it's a very simple, enjoyable-to-use way to collate and share information, cut down on a lot of questions and toing-and-froing, build your reputation and get great reviews. Unlike paper versions, it's also much easier to update. See a demo and do a free trial here. 

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