How to cut through the marketing noise

Marketing noise

When there’s so much marketing noise, with so many people and businesses competing for attention, how can you cut through and grab attention for your business?

You’ve got a few choices:

Shout louder than everyone else - but how?

Use paid advertisements - but that can be really expensive, and not always effective

Best of all though is to do this:

  1. Be really clear about what you’re offering. Think about the best ways to describe how you can make visitors happy and use them often. Don’t assume others know about you. Don’t worry that you’re repeating yourself. Keep repeating yourself.

  2. Be consistent - it’s better to take lots of small consistent steps than aim for a huge leap. This weekend I managed to reach over 1.6 million people in one social media post. That particular post wasn’t the reason for the success - it was the many small steps I took to get to that point. Find out more about this.

  3. Keep things simple. Don’t try to do too much at once. For example, focus on one social media channel at a time. if you send out mailings, decide on your key message instead of stuffing mailings with masses of information.

  4. Be positive and upbeat. Help people feel good.

  5. Use gentle humour if you can.

  6. Go back to basics again and again: how is your business better, special or different?


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