How to create more shareable social media posts

Shareable social media posts

One of the best ways to increase followers and influence on social media is to create posts that people want to share. Although there's no exact science about what people will share (one of mine was recently shared over 1000 times and reached nearly a million people and I don't entirely know why!), there are some particular types of post that followers are more likely to share: 

1. Positive, uplifting posts that help people feel good. This could include inspirational or motivational quotes (but sometimes they can be bland and not really in keeping with whatever you're trying to promote) or good news about your business, your community or someone people might like to hear about.

2. Ideas and inspiration for things to do - beyond your business, especially if it's a little different or quirky

3. Posts that build on current trends or popular TV programmes - make sure you show how it's at least vaguely connected to your business

4. Lists that offer concise info in an easy format e.g. 5 things to do in Helmsley when it rains. For some reason odd-numbered lists do best. Try to make these posts short and sweet, with single-digit lists. 

5. An infographic that tells a behind the scenes story, especially if it's insightful or amusing.

6. How-to information, guides or videos. What do you know a little about, that others might not know but value? I keep giving the example of how to easily fold a fitted sheet so it lies neatly in the cupboard, but still haven't seen anyone create that video! Let me know when you do!

7. Some behind-the-scenes content, such as more information about you, something you've learnt to do or an interest you'd like to share. A few days ago I posted about Wensleydale cheese, but started the post by mentioning that an East German (it was 1984) border guard confiscated my cheese and I still feel the pain of it. I also commented that I don't like the 'mucked about with cheese' that contains fruit (eugh). I don't think a post 'just' about the cheese would have generated so many comments and shares. This didn't give away anything intimate about my life, but gave the post more personality. What could you include? 

8. Posts that include some 'expert' or local knowledge - it could be something from someone who know, or who is known to your followers, or a little more in-depth information about your area.

9. Short clip videos of anything relevant to your business and area - this is partly because people like watching videos and partly because the algorithms are set up to make video content more prominent.

Which of these have you tried? Which have been more effective for you? 


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