How a tomato timer helps get work done


Do you sometimes have days when you faff about or lack focus? When you find it hard to settle and get things done? 

Pomodoro is the answer!

The Pomodoro technique was created by a man called Francesco Cirillo and named after the tomato-shaped kitchen timer he first used (Pomodoro = tomato)

It's a really simple idea. You set a timer for a short period of time, typically 25 minutes. Focus on one task and stop when the timer goes off. Then you have a five minute break before re-setting. I find using a free app/website like really helps. It lets you list a series of tasks, estimate how long each one should take and then you set the online timer.

I can't explain why it works so well, but it definitely stops me drifting onto social media or news sites or randomly checking emails. 

I'd be interested to hear how it works for you.


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