Delete: a quick easy way to improve your website


How much patience do you have? How busy are you? Do you have a lot of free time? 

If your answers to those questions were 'not much, very and no', join the club. It's how most people will answer. 

So if we want to help people book or visit our businesses, we need to make it very easy for them.

I often make suggestions for the kind of information and inspiration you should ideally have on your website. But there's a caveat: you can't just keep adding to your website without removing something, otherwise it will just become over-whelming. 

Here are some suggestions for things you might delete or archive to stop your website from looking dated or being confusing. If you have the opportunity to do a more general 'cull', even better!

1. Remove any information, awards etc with a date before 2019 (normally I'd say remove anything over two years old... )

2. Remove any mentions of Covid precautions

3. Take a look at your photos - do they include anything that no-longer exists or looks different? Remove them!

4. Do you have a section for blogs but only a couple of outdated unloved entries? Remove them/the section

5. Do you mention any services or facilities that no-longer exist? 

6. Any mentions of people who no-longer work in your business? 

7. Any information about local events or business that are out of date? 

8. Any membership logos for organisations that no-longer exist? 

10. Finally, can you simplify, shorted or delete any unnecessary information on your website? 

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Glenda Calvert

Thanks Susan for springing me into action.  Just done what you said and managed to deleted something on my website that was out of date plus updated prices, changed a few photos and had a general tidy round.  Thanks for the reminder - Glenda

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