Create cosy Autumn and Winter images that sell

cosy images
If you're trying to promote your business in Autumn and Winter, you need some really good images to help counteract some of the negative pictures in people's heads that might otherwise deter them from visiting. 

Promoting Autumn and Winter means creating a cosy feel, showing visitors that our locations are inviting and good places to be through-out the year. 
Some tips to create cosy images that sell
Light can be really flat during the day in Autumn and Winter, so think about taking images either early in the morning when the light is brighter or take advantage of the early darkness to show places in a different light - perhaps more mysterious, or showing off the dark skies and stars. 
Convey a sense of cosiness, either by taking photos of beautiful landscapes from inside a building (perhaps with a window sill in the foreground, with candles burning, or an interesting and relevant local book) so potential visitors can imagine being warm and snuggled up inside, looking outwards. Or take photos from outside, looking towards lit buildings, conveying the warmth inside. 
If you use photos of open fires inside pubs or cottages, try to make sure there are clues to the location, so people don't just see a fire that could be anywhere. Books, map, a mug with a local place name on, can all help to show the location in a fairly subtle way. 
Think about the things that are better or different in Autumn or Winter. Autumn leaves on the trees or fallen on the ground (perhaps with well-clad people kicking the leaves), a nature table, dark skies, more expansive views through naked trees. Sunrises and sunsets can be better at this time of year so don't forget to feature them on your social media - they seem to get a lot of shares. 
if you include food in your photos, think about the food itself. An oozing chocolate cake with a steaming mug of coffee will look more in keeping with the seasons than a strawberry Victoria sandwich. 
Indoor images can be enhanced with the right lighting and you might need to 'stage' rooms a little differently, perhaps adding blankets and cushions to create the right atmosphere. 
Outdoor photos will be more eye-catching and attractive if you can add a pop of colour - red works particularly well as 'eye candy' among the green or russet Autumn tones. 

What photographic tips do you have for attractive Autumn and Winter images? 


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