Before you discount

Before you discount

When visitors aren't as plentiful as you'd like or all the economic forecasts are gloomy, it can be tempting to start discounting prices.

Stop! You might not need to. Here are a few things to think about before you discount any prices. 

First of all, are you jumping to conclusions? If you’re panicking because you think things are going to be difficult, it might be worth looking at previous booking patterns to see if you often have glitches, and their causes.

Then, make sure you've done all the following. Really done it, not just nodded as you read this!

Check your website is fully functioning, and there’s nothing that could be putting people off (not enough recent reviews, out of date photos or events, info missing etc).

Check what you’re saying in your marketing. Re-focus to give more reasons for visits and show how people will feel better or the benefits of what you offer.

Consider how you can show that you offer excellent value for money – focus on the value you offer, rather than the price.

Think about the reasons people might not be booking/visiting right now. It might be one of the reasons above or another one. What can you do to counteract it? It’s worth spending time on this. Whatever you do now, will help in the future too. It’s never lost time.

Remind people to book/visit, whether through social media or mailings. Show them what they’re missing if they don’t.

Consider which of your marketing might need some improvement.

Have you been really consistent with your social media, with enticing, interesting and interactive posts?

When was the last time you sent out a mailing?

Think through your marketing and consider what you could improve.

Then, if you really do feel you must discount, consider how you can offer discrete discounts to particular groups of people, such as loyalty bonuses for previous guests. That way, you don't send out panic messages and can maintain your prices for newer visitors. 



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