Missing chances to increase your revenue?

Increase revenue

Are you leaving money on the table? Or maybe just not attracting people who want to spend money with you?

There are  reasons why you may not be attracting visitors or making as much money as you'd like.

Once you've considered each of these, small actions can have a big impact.

1. You don't make it clear who/what kind of people can benefit from your business. People often think something isn't for them, for example they may like the look of a holiday cottage but just not know what they'd be able to do in the area. 

2. You haven't demonstrated why your business is better than your competitors. You don't have to directly say "we're better than x becuase of abc" - you can just show what makes you better with the right information and images. 

3. You've promoted your business a little, but not enough. This is very common! You think that because you've sent out a newsletter and mentioned something twice on social media that everyone will know about you. It's absolutely not true. You need to repeat yourself, again and again. And again. It's not being 'pushy' - it's just giving busy people an extra chance to find out about your business - what you do, why you're good and how they can benefit.

4. You've assumed knowledge. For example, you might mention the village or location of your business, but haven't made it clear what else is there or how close it is to other places. 

5. You've promoted something at the wrong time. For example, you might have tried to promote Winter breaks when people were more pre-occupied with Christmas and getting their shopping done. Timing can make a big difference. Even things like the weather can affect bookings. You might have already noticed that if the sun's shining in January when you post on social media to encourage short break enquiries, you'll get more bookings than if you post when we're in the middle of a storm.

Many think that price is the main reason people don't book or visit. It sometimes is, but often isn't. Try being clearer about what you offer and why your business is good, and how it will benefit visitors. 


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