Are you missing a revenue-generating opportunity?

Missed opportunities

When you first start a business it’s relatively easy to promote it and attract attention: you’re offering some fresh and people are curious.

After a little while though things get a bit ‘samey’ and marketing is harder. Visitors get used to what you offer. There’s even a chance of becoming invisible or not keeping up with visitor trends.

There’s a solution. A solution that can generate interest and additional revenue.

Yet very few business owners do this.

Visitors are constantly looking for something new, fresh, different, in line with their interests.

Journalists are constantly looking for something new, fresh, different.

Journalists love new openings but they also like to write about packages and product development (even if they don't use those words).

The great thing about product development is that it’s completely flexible. It’s a good way to get ahead of consumer trends. It’s not expensive. You don’t have to do all the work yourself.

What are we talking about? Some examples? 

Packages are a good way to show a different side to your business or to give new reasons for visiting. When I say ‘package’, I don’t mean anything complicated – it could be as simple as overnight accommodation + local garden visit. You don’t necessarily have to sell the ‘package’ for an all-inclusive price but you do need to give a price guideline. 

Visitors and journalists are most interested in the ideas you can offer and different ways to enjoy your area. They like to see collaborations between businesses such as accommodation + an activity, or a meal/drinks + activity. They like to hear about anything that sounds different, intriguing, curious, or that helps someone enjoy their hobby.

In November my mother is going on a mid-week ‘knitting retreat’ with a group of friends. When I asked what this involves, it’s very simple: a group of women are casting off (get it?!) their families and partners to go away for a few days to knit and natter. That’s it. They’ll sit in comfy armchairs in the hotel lounge, chat, eat and drink. The hotel will get some valuable off-peak business, simply by suggesting a different reason to go away.

The genius of this is that these knitters are all part of various other crafting groups. They’ll talk to others about what they’re doing. And before long others will be planning similar creative breaks.

Can you think of a way to either re-position and package what you offer?

Or join forces with another business to offer some kind of package? Remember, it can be an informal arrangement.

If you want to grab the attention of journalists, you’ll need to offer something that can be pre-booked and which is available for individuals/couples/small groups, and give an indicative price.

It’s really worth trying to think of something that can appeal to people who enjoy particular hobbies because they often know others with the same interest and so they spread the word within their ‘tribe’.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


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Cecily Fearnley

I love this idea. We offer a package for dinner and an overnight stay here at the Homestead Kitchen. I'm just working with another local business - View of Beauty Spa, to offer a 'Spa, Eat, Sleep' deal. If there are any other local businesses close ish to us (Goathland) that would like to collaborate please do get in touch! We can offer the lunch element to perhaps a workshop, or accommodation and food.

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