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Do you know what your visitors will want in a couple of years' time? What their expectations will be? Have you got some ideas for how you might be able to adapt what you do to make your business more profitable? Or maybe just how to theme a room or create an activity to stimulate more demand? 

Tourism is full of trends. Over time it's possible to spot opportunities and to adapt products and services to appeal to changing markets. A little tweak to how you describe something could make a different to its appeal. Or you might adapt to take advantage of growth markets such as dog-lovers and cyclists. Understanding trends helps you stay ahead of competitors.

So how do you spot trends? 

There are countless organisations and forecasters whose job it is to forecast what consumers are likely to want in future years. One great, free source is Pinterest. Even if you don't use Pinterest yourself, it's an invaluable tool. 

People use Pinterest to plan things in the future. This could be a holiday, a wedding, interior design, hobby plans or many other topics. Pinterest can see the themes and topics that users search for and see how those searches change over time, making predictions for the future. In 2021 8 out of 10 of their predictions came true. 

The Pinterest Predicts report is a great short read and gives insights into how consumers and visitors are thinking. It can spark so many ideas for different approaches, marketing angles and new products and services. 

You can read Pinterest Predicts here. I'd be interested to hear which of their predictions might be most relevant to you? 




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