One short word - one big mindset change

A - yet

Do you ever look at what others are doing and feel left behind? 

Perhaps you see other business owners with more bookings or imagine they're generating more income. Or maybe they have more followers on facebook or a more popular instagram account. 

You might see others being more confident in their business, or socially, or see the way they just take on new challenges and seem to leap forward in all kinds of other ways. 

Perhaps you're a little fearful about trying new technology or asking people to join your mailing list? Maybe other people just seem to be doing better in general? 

I saw 'seem' because often it's an illusion, and others may not be doing as well as they seem, or even feel particularly upbeat and happy. Social media has a lot to answer for. 

But If you are feeling a bit left behind or struggling in some way, I have a word for you to use. One word that could make a huge difference. 

As a primary school governor for many years, I've become fascinated by the small ways that children can be helped to move forward and overcome challenges. Some of the methods really only work for children (unless you'd also benefit from a trip to the Goodie Box as a reward?). Many of them would work for anyone -  we never stop learning and developing. 

I've seen this one word work brilliantly to help develop what the experts describe as a 'growth mindset' (stretching yourself and moving forward even when it's not going that well).

I think it can make anyone feel better. It would work just as well on those days when you've not done what you meant to do, or when you look around at the mess on your desk (I may or may not be describing myself here...) and tell yourself off for not sorting it out.

The word is YET. Simple. Try adding it to anything and it has a simple power to make things better. 

I'm cross with myself because my desk is a message and I've not tidied it yet.

See how it implies I will, soon?

I don't have as many followers as xx on social media, yet.

But I could, one day.

I don't know how to use Mailerlite or Google Analytics, yet.

Nothing stopping me from learning.

I don't seem to have as many booking as they do, yet.

I'm going to be confident that they'll flood in soon.

Worth a try? It costs nothing. And it works...

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Lorna Jackson

I haven’t read all your tourist marketing workshop materials yet! Hope that gives the confidence that I will!!! Inspired!

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