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Do you know what information you need to include on the home page of your website to get results? 

Most people don't.

We could have a long conversation about search engine optimisation and how using lots of headings and putting the most important information at the top of the page is essential... but there are some other very straight forward things you also need to do. 

Of course every site is different and has varied objectives but it's worth checking that you're doing all these. A lot of technical research by people with much geekier brains than mine have tested all kinds of options and found that these five elements help websites perform well.

Try to include these five elements in this order: 

1. Headline: What do you do? What do you offer? This headline needs to grab attention, show the value of what you offer, preferably with an emotional appeal.

2. Sub-heading: How do you offer it? For example, where or what - a location and its benefits, what you do that's different or special. 

3. Strong image or images, which grab attention, relate to your target markets and illustrate the point you've made in the headline and sub-heading.

4. Reviews and social proof - something which reassures and builds credibility. This shouldn't be just a link to a review site lose potential visitors might leave your site too quickly.

5. A call to action - something easy (e.g. a button) that encourages visitors to take the next step, whether making a booking, visiting, signing up to a mailing list or following you on social media. 


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