Small businesses are mightier than you think

small is mighty

Small is beautiful, better – and bigger than you might think.

I’ve always been drawn to small businesses rather than corporate chains. I like the direct link between customers and business owners, between business owners and their local communities and their suppliers.

Most of the businesses I help are small, usually independently owned. Their owners frequently say things like, ‘it’s just a small business’ or ‘it’s just me/us’.

But… small businesses are almost always mightier than their owners realise. Small business owners are flexible, more in touch with their customers. They can make changes quickly, without consulting with a head office in a remote location.

Small business owners are good at making people happy. They’re good at making a positive impact on their local community. They care about their area and environment.

You work hard, yet how often do you ‘blow your own trumpet?’. I can see you cringing right now. It’s not your style to shout about what you do?

Maybe it’s time to take a few moments to celebrate all you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve overcome? Even if you only acknowledge it to yourself…

Small isn’t just small.

Small can be mighty. Small is good.

Small can be powerful. Ever been in a tent with a single mosquito?!

A cluster of small businesses can achieve great things, particularly when they work together.

A series of small steps can make a big difference to success.

With this in mind, here are the three things I’m planning to do in 2023:

1. To celebrate all things small, and the ordinary things that we take for granted, but which are actually really important;

2. To help businesses to feel less overwhelmed and to take more baby steps in a series of ‘Do One Thing’ support sessions to help you move forward more successfully;

3. To help businesses, visitors and communities to come together to help each other, collaborate and build resilience.

I hope you’ll join me. In the meantime, you might like to read some of my previous articles about the power of small steps (I’m a little obsessed):

I wrote this article about moon landings and what they might mean for you, considered the lessons learnt by Navy Seals and how they can really be positive for your business, and waxed lyrical about the Japanese concept of Kaizen and why it’s invaluable for those with tiny marketing budgets and no time.




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