Fill gaps & attract last minute bookings

The mini course is delivered online in short, bite-size videos, so you can easily watch and follow a quick module during a coffee break. You can access it any time from 31st May - 20th June. 

It's suitable for anyone who runs a tourism or hospitality business. 

I'll cover all these topics on this short and lively marketing mini-course focused on filling gaps and attracting last minute bookings. 

  • What's in visitors' minds right now, and what you need to do as a result
  • A simple process for filling gaps in demand - ideas you can implement immediately
  • Some marketing psychology for you to use, now and in the future
  • How to show value, use FOMO, encourage sharing, and reassure 
  • Which marketing tools are most likely to work right now - and how
  • Useful triggers and techniques to stimulate bookings and decisions to visit 

By the end of the session, I hope you'll have plenty of ideas for actions to take to attract more bookings and revenue. You'll be able to use the techniques I outline immediately - and for years to come. I've created some handy notes for you to download too. 

The course will take no longer than 90 minutes to go through. How much time you spend afterwards making changes and increasing your income is up to you!

PS As it's the first time I'm offering this short course, the price is currently just £12. Don't delay buying it as after this initial 'beta' run, it will be tweaked and go on sale for a higher price!

Fill gaps & attract last minute bookings
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