Prices and profitability

How to charge the right price, avoid discounts and increase profits

We'll cover all these topics on this short and lively marketing mini-course focused on prices and profitability. It's suitable for anyone who runs a tourism business, even if you hated maths at school!

Are you charging the right prices? Could you charge more? Do you put people off because you charge too little? How do you know? 

Have you managed to get the right balance between earning what you need and enjoying as much free time as you want? 

Do you know how to present your prices in the most attractive way possible? 

What are the triggers you can use to get people to to book or visit you and pay what your service is worth? 

Do you resort to discounts when you need more business? Would you like to find ways to maximise your income? 

Do you set income targets for your business? How good are you at achieving them? 

By the end of the session, I hope you'll feel more confident about your pricing, with some ideas for how you might increase your profitability - or work less and still earn the same. 

This mini-course is offered online and will be accessible any time from 10.00 am on 10th May to 6.00 pm on 19th May

The course will take no longer than 90 minutes to go through. How much time you spend afterwards making changes and increasing your income is up to you!

Prices and profitability