What one thing really matters?

One thing that really matters

Feeling a bit jaded by marketing? Got less energy but know you need to keep promoting and attracting more visitors? 

Let's face it: life, running a business and marketing can be exhausting. There are some times when it all feels a bit too tiring, and it's hard to decide what to actually do

In these times there's a simple thing you can do, that will really improve all your marketing, and give it fresh impetus. 

It couldn't be simpler. 

Just answer this question: what one thing do you want visitors to know? 

It could be something you're really good at.

Or something that makes your business stand out. 

Or maybe there's a message you want more people to realise, such as you're dog-friendly or close to a place people love. 

Imagine for a second that you're only allowed to say one thing about your business, to encourage people to come? 

You've only got a couple of sentences. You don't want to waste a word. 

So you need to ditch glib phrases like 'lots to see and do' or 'great B&B in a lovely location'. Don't waste your words on something that doesn't have impact. 

Think: one one thing do you want visitors to know? 

What one thing do you think they would love

When you've thought about it, write it down.

Refine it, make sure it's as strong as possible. 

There's a good chance it's something really simple, something quite basic, like 'we make the best, most interesting breakfasts' or 'people who stay with us look visibly younger when they leave because they're so relaxed', or 'we can teach you to ...', or 'visit us & you'll love...'

Over time most business owners drift away from the simple messages. They develop what they do and build new services, messages and information. 

When I review websites and marketing for tourism businesses I often notice that they've missed out the most obvious stuff that visitors are most likely to want to know. 

It pays to go back to basics. Find one thing, and put it into a few words. Find a photo that matches your one-thing message. 

Then use it. On your website, in social media, in conversations, in mailings. Whenever and where-ever you can. 

Be consistent. Make your message strong. Repeat. Repeat. Do one thing well over and over again, and it will pay off. Easy, simple, less exhausting...


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