Optimise your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

This is something you can quickly do to raise the profile of your business.

It's easier and quicker than you think so if you're been putting it off... do it now!

It's important. It's free. It's optimising your Google Business Profile - the new name for Google My Business. Don't worry about the 'optimise bit' - I'll explain. 

92% of search engine searches are on Google so it's incredibly powerful. You want your business to show up as high in the results pages as possible. You don't need any technical knowledge to give your business a helping hand. 

What's the point of the Google Business Profile? 

It's essentially the foundation for search engine success. The starting point that Google will use when presenting information to visitors. Once you've submit your information to your free listing, it will appear in different ways, such as on maps, the knowledge panel and general Google search. It will help you improve your overall visibility.

It's effectively a high profile, never-ending FREE ad!

Why wouldn't you take advantage of this, and keep improving your listing so it really works well for you? 

The first step is to go to https://www.google.com/business/ and register your business. It's quick. 

If you've already done this, do you frequently update it? It's worth spending a few moments every couple of weeks doing this. For example, you might want to add photos or tweak your listing. This information will help you rank above other sites with out of date details. 

How you can optimise your Google Business Profile and make it work hard for you

Not everyone fully completes their profile. Do that, and you're immediately ahead of the competition. 

Add images of your business. Google likes you to keep these updates so changes will help your information to rank above others. Change your images with the seasons. Add photos from different perspectives. Make sure they're high quality. 

Think about the words your visitors are likely to use in their internet searches. Use those words as part of your business description. For example, if you attract many families with young children, chances are they search using words like 'family-friendly' or 'activities for children'. 

Ask for reviews. You may already have great reviews in your visitor book, through a booking engine, on facebook or on TripAdvisor. Google likes to see Google reviews so ask some visitors to respond on there. 

Don't waste words. You only have a limited amount of time to grab and keep attention. You need to use words that visitors relate to, that are specific and really mean something. 


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