Money, time, energy and health - what they mean for your tourism business

Money energy time health

How are you feeling about the year ahead? 

There's no doubt it's going to be tricky for many tourism businesses. But there will also be opportunities. What can you do to maximise them? 

Many are worried about rising prices. Offering good value for money (not necessarily lowering prices) will be essential. 

Over the coming months I think that visitors will have other pre-occupations too:

  • Time - how to spend it wisely, how to get back some more time, how to maximise free time and not waste it travelling or dealing with airport queues etc.
  • Health - mental and physical health and how to feel better in every way.
  • Energy - the last couple of years have been energy-sapping for many. Life seems to have become more complicated. 
  • In need of optimism, looking for something fun to do, how to feel good, really appreciating good news, positive people and happy places

Think about the people your business attracts. Which of these are likely to be most important to them? 

It's worth taking a couple of minutes to write down ways you can help, or to note angles from this list you could use.

You might be able to take these as a started for a blog, social media posts, or different marketing angle? 

When people feel tired, time-poor or worried about health and money, they need things to feel simple. How can you make it easier for them to see that your business would be good for them? What can you simplify or make more obvious? 



This is great, thank you! I needed to see this to simplify things for myself with marketing plans going forward and can already think of angles and photos to use for our business with these!

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Susan Briggs

That's good - hope you can incorporate the ideas into your marketing this year.

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