Trend watching: night attractions

Night attractions

There's a growing trend that you may have missed. You might even say it arrived by cover of the night...

It's a trend that could be valuable to accommodation businesses, food and drink outlets, activity providers and attractions. 

After dark activities

Visitors are increasingly interested in what they can do after dark. They're ready to have new and different experiences after dark. This could be nature-spotting or enjoying the dark skies. It could be sitting outside with a rug over their lap, enjoying a night-time drink. It could be a walk on a beach or wander through the dark woods. 

It could be waking up early to watch the sun rise, or staying up late to see the sun go down. it's a trend that works as well in Winter as in Summer. 

It's handy that camera phones have improved so much that visitors can post amazing night images on social media so this trend is set to grow and grow. 

What does it mean for you? 

We often talk about extending the season - this an opportunity to extend visiting times and to offer some new services or activities. Think what you can offer after dark, add an extra element such as the best hot chocolate ever, and make sure you photograph people (with their permission) enjoying these activities. 


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