This year is likely to be challenging for many, but there are some good opportunities too.

Give your business the best possible chance of success by spending just one hour on this zoom call. I'll give you the framework you need to plan your marketing for 2023, taking you step-by-step through a simple, tried-and-tested process. It's FREE!

You'll have chance to make notes, tailor ideas to your business so by the end of the hour's call you'll have the foundation for a profitable 2023.

It's free for any visitor-facing tourism or hospitality business*: accommodation, attractions, activity providers, food and drink businesses etc. 

This session is designed to save you time, money and head-scratching so you'll feel calmer and less overwhelmed by marketing. I'll help you work through: 

  • your priorities for 2023
  • how to attract your perfect clients (the ones who don't complain & make you happy)
  • what to do again and again - and what to stop doing
  • topics and themes for the year 
  • a simple, effective way to build your business

There's no charge to attend this zoom marketing workshop. It's just something I enjoy doing at the start of every year. Don't forget to join the session with a pen and paper, ready to make notes for your business.

Book your free place now - click on the best date/time for you

I'm running three sessions, all the same, so you can choose which time and date works best for you. These sessions won't be recorded so you do need to attend live.

* Sorry, this business is not open to consultants or other industry suppliers.