There's an easier way to promote

your tourism business  


Follow the path to success, using tried & tested techniques


Ever feel over-whelmed trying to market your tourism business? 

Susan Briggs You're not alone! How are you supposed to know what works and what doesn't?

Trial and error is costly and tiring. At some point, most small tourism business owners feel like they're either missing something or marketing is taking up too much of their time, without the rewards.

That's why I created the Marketing Action Programme. It's practical, step-by-step, simple and systematic.

The Marketing Action Programme condenses 30+ years' experience of tourism marketing into just a few hours. I developed it specially for business owners who're proud of their business but who have limited time and money, and who just want to know what works, and what to do to attract more visitors and revenue. 

It's a short series of online videos with notes and checklists for you to download. It's divided into short, simple steps with explanations so you can put all the actions into immediate action. It's up to you how long you spend on it, and when. t will take you no longer than 4 hours to watch the whole course, and you'll have access for 8 weeks so you could spend just a few minutes every day on it. There's an Early Bird discount if you sign up quickly. 

Understand the essential building blocks to market your business

We're all constantly bombarded with information about different marketing tools - all the social media tools, mailing, advertising, PR... What's worth spending time on? Before you waste more time or money, you need to get your marketing foundations right. What do you need to do first? How should the different elements of marketing work together? 

The Marketing Action Programme answers all these questions and shows you what to do and how

A series of short videos, checklists and notes will take you through my tried-and-tested time-saving process: 

  • Describe your business in a way that actually attracts visitors? Some simple writing tips can really help.
  • Really understand your potential visitors and choose the 'right' markets. What do you need to do to convince them? 
  • Become clear about the promotional messages you use. We'll cover a little marketing psychology as well!
  • Find ways to stand out and be really memorable - without spending a fortune. 
  • Understand how to combine tools such as websites, social media and mailings so each activity is more effective and uses less energy
  • Think about your prices and understand when to use discounts and when to avoid them.
  • What you need to do to get visitors to recommend you to others, and how to get them to come back again.

This short course is delivered online in bite-size videos: you could just watch a little a day over a coffee break

You'll be able to access the full course any time from 17th October for 8 weeks.   

It's suitable for anyone who runs a tourism or hospitality business.  

By the end of the session, you'll know what to do and already started to take action. You'll be able to use the techniques I outline immediately - and for years to come. I've created some handy notes and checklists for you to download too. 

The course will take about 4 hours to go through. How much time you spend afterwards making changes and increasing your income is up to you!

Note: It's taken me over 30 years to finally develop this course, based on the needs of the small tourism businesses I work with. This is a special introductory price as you'll be an early guinea pig! If you're hesitating about signing up now, please be aware that the price will go up next time I offer it!

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The Marketing Action Programme starts on 17th October

Early Bird Discount - save £29 if you sign up now

Sign up after 17th October

£97 + VAT

Marketing Action Programme:

Access to the full online course for 8 weeks from 17th October with explanatory videos, how-to notes & checklists


Early Bird: £97 discounted to £69
£69 + VAT

Marketing Action Programme:

Access to the full online course for 8 weeks from 17th October with explanatory videos, how-to notes & checklists

One-to-one consultancy

£450 + VAT

Individual business support: 

One full day of one-to-one marketing consultancy for direct guidance on any aspects of your marketing.