Marketing Recommendations - Lichfield District

All my key recommendations are included in the Powerpoint presentation which can be seen below.

My recommendations focus on:

  • clearer positioning for Lichfield
  • bringing a wider range of organisations together
  • product development to underpin the positioning of Lichfield and increase dwell time
  • marketing the district by focusing on specific aspects and local distinctiveness. 

One element of product development is essential: the creation of literary trails which can tie together different parts of the city and district.

Physical words, quotes, signs or stories will add interest to Lichfield's current visitor offering. The 'way(s) with words' will ideally use different materials and textiles, combining words and art e.g. letter press, lino prints, carved in wood or stone, small and large, in obvious and hidden places.

I recommend that rich vocabularies are used through-out all activity so this becomes something that Lichfield is genuinely known for. If this is done correctly, LDC will simply act as a catalyst with other bodies and organisations using this for their own activity. 

It's important to work through options, use appropriate words and phrases to showcase Lichfield and provoke responses, then create something physical to see, and use a full launch strategy for maximum impact. I can offer more in-depth advice on this product development, creation of appropriate trails and launch.

Addition: not included in the recommendations - there are also many angles that could be used relating to parks, gardens, botany (Darwin), natural remedies, health and wellbeing in Lichfield. Using a variety of themes and niche markets will enable you to take advantage of the Long Tail effect (see Chris Anderson)

See the full presentation here