Leading the Way


Leading the Way:

Save Energy

[  ]  Install natural light sensors which will turn lights off automatically if the natural light in the area reaches a certain level.

[  ]  Install low energy hand dryers.

[  ]  Consider the installation of solar or thermal panels and a ground/air source heat pump.

[  ]  Consider lighting from the perspective of avoiding light pollution and enhancing the dark skies.

Sustainable Travel

[  ]  Provide bike facilities for staff and visitors – bike parking, storage, shower

[  ]  Install electric car charging points

[  ]  When it’s time to replace vehicles consider hybrid or electric.

Support Local

[  ]  Where do you buy your key supplies? Could you develop a policy of buying x% of your suppliers from local producers within x miles of your business? 

Protect Nature

[  ]  Consider changing to environmentally friendly and chlorine free cleaning products

[  ]  Install a green roof to offer a wealth of eco-friendly gardening benefits. They can be used to plant and support the growth of vegetation as well as to attract insects and bees to populate and pollinate the surrounding area.

[  ]  Create animal shelters for wildlife looking to explore, feed and possibly take shelter.

Save Water

[  ]  To reduce water wastage, fit tap aerators or flow controllers to existing taps, hoses and high-flow showers.

[  ]  When replacing taps, think about automatic stop mechanisms e.g. push button or sensors.

Your Local Community

[  ]  Which conservation or local charity projects do you/could you support?

Reduce Waste

[  ]  Select minimally packaged goods or ask your supplier to remove unnecessary packaging or introduce reusable packaging.

[  ]  Undertake a waste audit and then reduce unnecessary or wasteful purchasing.

[  ]  When something breaks down, Google or YouTube how to fix it. Even obscure spare parts can often be bought online very cheaply.

Download this Leading the Way checklist